IPCC warns, biodiversity will be hard hit
Pacific Environment Weekly The issues that matter IPCC warns, biodiversity will be hard hit 14/12/2009 08:17 By Cherelle Jackson COPENHAGEN - Biodiversity or the diversity of plant and animal life within the Pacific region will be hard hit if temper

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Biodiversity and Samoas shallow commitments
Pacific Environment Weekly The issues that matter Biodiversity and Samoas shallow commitments 18/05/2010 08:58 APIA - Let's talk biodiversity as it is timely with the celebrations of the this week. If you have not heard or seen the word 'biodiversit

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Mongoose caught dead
it was caught so this morning (Thursday) it was dead.” He said concerns were raised when villagers sighted the creature. Invasive species endanger biodiversity, the CEO said. So when the specie was caught, the CEO said they were relieved. “How o

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Tsunami impacts on marine environment
the wave," he said. The Assessment also noted physical damage to corals, which will predispose them to disease therefore causing further loss to reef biodiversity. Beaches and foreshore were also heavily impacted by significant removal of sand and ad

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Pacific Environment Weekly
ance will support Samoa’s coordinated approach to monitor the impacts of climate change on health, agriculture and... ——— Pacific focusses on biodiversity in 2010 2010-03-08 14:32 APIA- 2010 has been designated the International Year of Biodi

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Condom shortage said to worsen climate impact
s,” an article on the group’s Web site said today. Only six of the 37 countries that said population growth compounds water scarcity or threatens biodiversity proposed solutions through climate-adaptation plans, Bryant said. The world’s populat

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In Samoa , indigenous peoples use videos to show climate change damage
photo stories with narrations have become a powerful tool for development, particularly in remote rural villages and indigenous communities,” said biodiversity expert Terence Hay-Edie, working with the UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme . “In addit

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Island Hoping: Are Reserves the Answer to Help Wildlife on the World's Sinking Archipelagos?
g Conservation International, the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Nature Conservancy and others, are working to create more such reserves in other biodiversity hotspots, including many non-threatened islands around the globe. CONTACTS : IPCC, www.

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Manumea nears extinction
no action is taken to halt the decline in populations of these unique species, it is expected that they will become extinct. During the recent rapid biodiversity assessment (BioRap Assessment) in uplands Savai’i, a group of scientists were airlift

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