Mountains and waterfalls of rubbish

28/07/2011 12:12


There are four waterfalls within a short walking distance from where I live, theyre stunning falls, not frequented by people, barely appreciated, but damned beautiful!

It's a point of pride and bragging of course to be able to say that nature had decided to bless me with it's delights just mere footsteps away from home.

But like a few too many things, the picture is not that perfect, my pride for the waterfalls is marred only by the mountains of trash that i have to climb over, walk across, dodge and push through in order to get to the natural gifts of Samoa.

It really is quite disheartening to see rubbish dumped so carelessly into the waterways into the rivers which flow into the falls without much thought.

It makes me wonder where our ancient belief in the spirits of the earth has gone to.

Why wasn't our faith in the Tagaloa not translated to respect for nature?

How can our people not draw parallels between the love of nature and protecting the birthplace of our Forefathers?

It baffles me to no end, but I dearly hope that my generation will make the shift and stop this inconsiderate behaviour.