Quarantine on cane toad alert

16/09/2009 07:13


APIA - There is still an active search by the Quarantine division for cane toads in the Aleipata area.
The Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment are assisting Quarantine officers in the surveillance of the area after the discovery of a live cane toad in May.
“Procedural quarantine surveillance have been carried out in the Aleipata area after a live cane toad was seized by a family there,” says Talei Fidow Moors of Quarantine.
She says that Quarantine have carried out 3 surveillance searches and will continue to monitor for the next few months.
“If there is a population out there then there is a real threat hence the frequency of our surveillance. So far no further sightings have been reported by families. Additionally, there have been no further finds during our searches as well,” she said.