UNCSD meeting pass recommendations 'in principle'

28/07/2011 12:25


By Cherelle Jackson

Apia, Samoa - Recommendations by Ministers to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) Subregional Preparatory Committee for the Pacific Countries were adopted 'in principle'.

However there was criticism of the way the recommendations were drawn up.




"The agenda was pre cooked, the organisers had already decided what they wanted from the meeting, and made sure the Ministers agreed to it," said one intergovernmental organisation representative."
The agenda for the UNCSD Prep COmm for the Pacific was approved 'in principle' at the end of the one day ministerial meeting last week.
According to a regional ambassador the Ministers were "forced" into agreeing to recommendations that they had not seen.
ESCAP Pacific Head of Office Iosefa Maiava requested participants to made comments to the document via email, some participants were hesitant to agree due to the logistical complications involved in virtual commentary on recommendations.
A process of commentary was not explained to Ministers, except to say that they needed to respond within seven days.
Neroni Slade, Secretary General of Pacific Islands Forum told the meeting that the recommendations and discussions should not be theme driven but rathe focussed on the issues itself.